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Why Argentina

Argentina combines sophistication with a friendly atmosphere
and cultural diversity.

Buenos Aires is like a mosaic: from the sophisticated neighborhoods resembling Europe to colorful La Boca district; from San Telmo, Buenos Aires’ original settlement and the birthplace of tango, to the Northern district, where the river runs through thousands of islands. The Argentine countryside remains virtually untouched by modern lifestyle still reflecting the traditions of the gauchos.

The Northwest of Argentina is a symphony of multicolored mountains and a deep blue sky surrounded by tradition, music, history and local flavor.


The Cuyo Area, in the Midwest of Argentina, is the land of wine and the high peaks of the Andes.

The Northeast is the land of great rivers. humid tropics, red earth and magnificent jungles.

Last but not least, Patagonia, with its ancient and silent forests along the shores of glistening waters. Here nature shows its splendor in granite peaks and ice fields overlooking into lakes of unsurpassable beauty. Sea lions, penguins and whales transform the Patagonian Atlantic coast into an almost magical place.

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