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The new York Times: A World of Affordable Choices: “Latin American cities are among the most exciting and affordable, especially Buenos Aires, the sultry, party-until-the-wee-hours city known as the Paris of South America. In 2002, the Argentine peso was devalued by the government, resulting in a currency crash. But four years later the city is getting back on its tango-dancing feet”. By Stephanie Rosenbloom – >The New York Times - Published on 02/19/06

Atlanta Journal: Hot travel picks 2006. Don George, Global Travel Editor of Lonely Planet Publications: "I actually polled LP's U.S.-based staffers for their take on the hot spots for 2006, and here's what we collectively decided “No. 1, Argentina: "This country is sizzling. It's got fabulous culture, food, wine, countryside, outdoors (Patagonia anyone?); it's welcoming to travelers, safe and still very affordable due to exchange rates. What more could anyone” By Paula Crouch Thrasher The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Published on: 12/30/05

Washington Post: Wine Industry in Argentina Finding Blend for Success: “MENDOZA, Argentina -- The wineries tucked beneath the distant Andes mountains nearly have it all: warm days and cool nights for growing the lushest of grapes, state-of-the-art technology and restless vintners bent on lifting Argentina's wine production to a point where it rivals the world's best….. "The emerging image of Argentina is one of very good wines, but not an image associated with a cheap price," he said. "That is the great advantage of Argentina today." By Bill Cormier - Washington Post Associated Press – Published on 04/16/06; Page A12

The New York Times: Where to Go in 2005: Budget: “With the dollar plummeting against the euro, the pound and the yen, a budget-minded traveler might assume the only option for 2005 is to stay home. But there are still places where the dollar holds some clout, including Argentina &, Brazil …””In Latin America, Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is already on the budget traveler's short list, but there is, of course, much more to this country. In the southern Patagonian town of El Calafate - which serves as a base for visits to the ice-blue Glaciar Moreno - there is a wide range of inexpensive accommodations…” Published: January 9, 2005

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